A renters guide to safeguarding their bond

The initial condition report matters

Many renters place a lot of emphasis on the final inspection, but what can often make the most difference is taking time to diligently fill out the initial condition report. When first moving in, document the condition of the property room by room basis, filling in the necessary fields with as much detail and accuracy as possible. Potential tenants may not mention minor damages or obvious wear and tear for the sake of speeding up the rental process. But more often then not, these minor issues become the very disputes that tenants and real estate agents disagree on. By diligently filling out the report and taking photographs to serve as evidence for cleaning, damage or missing items, tenants and real estate agents have common ground that they can base their financial inspection on.


Empty out the furniture

Have you ever tried showering with clothes still on? How about vacuuming without packing up the toys first? Of course not. The same logic applies for moving out of a rental property. You’ll want to empty your entire apartment or house before attempting to a thorough vacate clean. Many renters are caught off guard by the mess they leave behind after a big move. From the dust bunnies hiding under the couch to crumbs in the back of the pantry or to a stack of mouldy magazines forgotten in the garage, there are more than a few places that can be overlooked during the lifetime of a tenancy. Emptying your home gives you the chance to easily address all these issues that would otherwise slow you down during your bond clean.


Don’t forget the outdoors

While most of your time will be spent focusing your energy indoors, your rental agreement will also require that your outdoor areas be well maintained. The landlord will walk the en-tire length of the property to ensure that it wasn’t neglected and a beautifully maintained garden and swimming pool will leave a lasting impression that you were a model tenant. As tenants, keeping these tasks in your regular maintenance schedule will prevent a big back-block of work needing to be undertaken when you move out.


Immediately inform your agent of any damage or pressing maintenance issues that could become worse (mould growth, leaky plumbing, etc.), always paying the rent on time, and working around their schedules will help them see you in a favourable light when the times comes to make a decision about whether your vacate clean is up to scratch.