Is it worth having a stylist?

When selling your home there are those smaller considerations, such as whether you should have your home professionally styled, as well as hiring new furniture for the campaign. Is it worth it? Having professionals fit out your home is well worth considering, and here’s why.


Fade those flows:

Have you ever walked into an open for inspection at an empty home and immediately noticed a few rough edges, like worn carpet or paint chips on a wall? Adding attractive furniture to empty rooms ensures those rough edges aren’t the only things that potential buyers see. It’s not about trying to hide anything, its simply showcasing the home’s strong points, rather than leaving buyer’s with thoughts of the potential problems.


Pump up the price:

A stylist’s task is to look at a home and determine the best way it can possibly be improved in order to deliver the maximum return for the vendor. The service might even include advice on other more significant enhancements that could be worth investigating in order to achieve the maximum sale price.

If you are not in a position to add extra costs to prepare your home for sale you can always partially furnish a home. Or the stylist can advise the best way to showcase the furnishings your already have. We often say that “you only get one chance at a first impression”. So if your going to partially furnish the home you might want to furnish the main rooms and mix pieces of your own furniture to maximise impact.

If this is something for you or you would like to look further into it, we work along side with Dunne Interiors. Sam is a professional when it comes to redecorating and renovating. Sam is easy going and fantastic to speak to work with when it comes to knowing what you want n what the house needs. Even if it means just removing 1 or 2 things or the placement of your existing furniture.

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