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Save automatically

Create separate savings accounts for your short term goals a house deposit and holidays as well as one for bills and set up automatic transfers from your everyday account to make saving automatic.


Lock your savings

When you have a decent sum of money saved up, use a term deposit to lock it away until the term ends. This could remove the temptation to access your money.


Reduce your bank fees.

If you have multiple bank accounts, check what transaction fees you could incur. You can also try asking about fee exemptions or pack-ages for which you might be eligible.


Visualise the progress

Whether you go for a tried-and-tested ther-mometer, a pie chart, or a fancy savings app on your phone, tracking your progress can help you keep your eye on the prize.


Keep track

Keep track of your spending using a diary or a mobile app. Make sure to look at not only your everyday spending but your large bills such as car registration and insurance.


Choose the right accounts

Think about how often you will need to access your savings and how you would like to earn interest. Make sure you consider things like bonus interest offers and incentives for mak-ing regular deposits when you choose your accounts.


Debt consolidation

Talk to someone about whether consolidating existing debts could help you save on interest.