Preparing for Photography

A potential buyer’s first ‘inspection’ of a home is usually online. Excellent professional photography is vital to a successful marketing campaign. The photography can only look as good as what’s being photographed– the more effort you put into preparation, the better the photographs will turn you.


  • Turn off all televisions
  • Remove excess books or magazines
  • Neaten bookshelves
  • Hide remote controls
  • Put away/neaten kids toys
  • Vacuum Rugs/mats


  • Clear all countertops of all toiletries
  • Remove all toiletries and cleaning products from the shower/bathtub
  • Remove Bathmats
  • Keep towels on towel racks to a minimum
  • Close toilets lid, remove toilet brush and spare toilet rolls
  • Clean mirrors
  • Remove rubbish bins and laundry baskets


  • Clear countertops of clutter. Put as many appliances as possible away in cupboards
  • Ensure range hood lights are working
  • Put all dishes, sponges, tea towels and cleaning equipment away in cup-boards
  • Take items off window sills
  • Remove everything from front and visible sides of refrigerator (photos, magnets, kids art etc)
  • Hide rubbish bins
  • Clean oven and dishwasher doors


  • Make all beds immaculately
  • Remove any clutter from side tables
  • Remove any visible items from under beds
  • Put away clothes, shoes and laundry baskets
  • Remove portable fans, heaters and rubbish bins